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Hello! The automatism blog is where I share what's inspiring, interesting or simply beautiful to me in decor, the visual arts, design, literature and more. In December 2009 the automatism blog was selected by The Times Online as one of the top 50 design blogs in the world. In February 2010 I was honoured to be one of seven bloggers profiled in a LoftLife magazine article on the rise of the design blogger. In July 2010 the automatism blog was chosen by Côté Maison magazine as one of their 15 favourite international design blogs, saying they "loved its blend of retro and contemporary design," in December 2011 I appeared in Rue Magazine's Blogger Side By Side feature in their holiday issue and in January 2013 the French e-mag Blended picked automatism as one of their 10 design blogs to follow in 2013. If this sounds like the kind of audience you'd love to connect with, read on!

How do I advertise on automatism?

The rate for a banner ad on automatism is $75.00 (Canadian) per month for a 300 wide x 125 high pixel ad. I accept payment through PayPal. Once you've paid (and supplied your ad artwork), your ad will be uploaded within 24 hours. With a banner ad, new advertisers also receive a one time only launch post at the beginning of their ad run called Meet the Sponsor, introducing them to automatism readers. The launch post will also be promoted on Twitter and on the automatism Facebook page as well.

What else does automatism offer me as an advertiser?

Banner sponsors will not only receive a launch post, but in addition, each month will have the option to participate in the Sponsor Spotlight — a post written by me that offers advertisers a unique opportunity to highlight a new item, giveaway or event (i.e. a new line of cards, jewelry giveaway or upcoming art show). The Sponsor Spotlight post is also promoted on Twitter and Facebook.

Can I get a discount if I book an ad for more than a month?

Yes! If you'd like to book your ad for more than a month at a time, I offer the following ad runs at a discount:

3 months: 5% discount ($225.00 less $11.25 — your total cost is now $213.75)
6 months: 10% discount ($450.00 less $45.00 — your total cost is now $405.00)
1 year: 15% discount ($900.00 less $135.00 — your total cost is now $765.00)

What format should my ad be?

I am able to accept files in the following formats: JPEG and GIF. There are no additional fees for Animated GIF ads. Animated GIF ads should be no more than 50K in size, so that they can load quickly and easily for viewers.

Is it possible to book ads that are larger than 300 x 125 pixels?

Automatism also offers selected sponsors a special format ad measuring 300 pixels wide x 250 pixels high. The rate for this size is $125.00 a month, with discounts available for campaigns as follows:

3 months: 5% discount ($375.00 less $18.75 — your total cost is now $356.25)
6 months: 10% discount ($750.00 less $75.00 — your total cost is now $675.00)
1 year: 15% discount ($1500.00 less $225.00 — your total cost is now $1275.00)

For other larger sized ads (i.e. 300 pixels wide x ? pixels high), please email me for details.

Do you accept text link ads?

Text-only (text links) ads are available to approved sponsors at a rate of $25.00 a month, and appear in the sponsored link section of the right hand column, below regular ads. Their size is a maximum of 30 characters per headline. Please note that text-only ads are not eligible for ad launch or Sponsor Spotlight posts. Discounts for text-only ads are available for campaigns running 3 or more months in a row:

3 months: 5% discount ($75.00 less $3.75 — your total cost is now $71.25)
6 months: 10% discount ($150.00 less $15.00 — your total cost is now $135.00)
1 year: 15% discount ($300.00 less $45.00 — your total cost is now $255.00)

Do you accept posts submitted by advertisers?

Yes and No. While sponsored posts are available to carefully selected advertisers, the content is always written by automatism, to preserve continuity in tone and approach. Unsolicited content, advertorials written by others and requests to embed text links in pre-existing posts are not accepted. Approved sponsored posts on automatism include two text links and will remain on the site as lifetime links, guaranteeing repeat exposure to automatism readers. The base rate for a sponsored post is $250.00 — this rate is subject to change depending on the complexity of the post. Please email me for more info.

What's your policy for accepting advertisers?

Please note that while happy to consider all offers, automatism reserves the right to accept only sponsors that are deemed a good fit for the blog. 


Please feel free to email me at lorilangille(at)gmail(dot)com if you have any other questions about becoming a sponsor. Thanks so much for considering advertising on automatism!

(photograph by Mikkel Adsbøl)
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