Thursday, January 04, 2018

Sweetness and Light

A peaceful retreat for your Thursday. Have a lovely one.

(photo by matilda hildingsson, styling by nathalie myrberg of babes in boyland)


This week's links. Enjoy.

An Interior Designer's Elegant Home
Take a tour of the tranquil, modern home of Swedish interior designer Louise Liljencrantz.

11 New(ish) Art Books That We Really Want to Read Over the Holidays
Artnet has a great list of art books that are perfect for reading over the cold winter months (posting this a bit late for the holidays).

Arctic Free Diving Saved Her Leg. Now She Has a World Record
In this hauntingly beautiful short film, Finnish free diver Johanna Nordblad explores an underwater world beneath the ice. 

The Art of Flying
And while we're looking at short films, check out this stunning one by Jan van Ijken, capturing the mysterious flights—or murmurations—of the Common Starling. Mesmerising to watch.

7 Simple Ways to Be More Creative in 2018
Start the new year right by getting your creativity flowing, with a little help from this great list of suggestions over at Artsy.

Street Style Fashion Photos
Lovely slide show of the lesser known fashion work of Gordon Parks, the photographer best known for his decades of documenting the civil rights movement as well as poverty, segregation and injustice. In 1948 he became Life magazine's first on-staff black photographer and writer, but he also freelanced for titles like Vogue, from which many of these images were taken.

The Enduring Power of a Low Bun
In praise of the pleasures of the classic low bun look, now enjoying a bit of a revival in the fashion world.

Why Do We Need to Sleep?
Fascinating article in The Atlantic that examines the mystery of sleep—something that seems so counterintuitive to the survival of all species.

25 Best French Songs About Paris, Old and New
For her upcoming cookbook Tasting Paris, Clotilde of the lovely French food blog Chocolate & Zucchini was inspired to begin each chapter with a few lines from a French song about Paris. Here she's assembled a list of great songs about the City of Light, old and new.

London Fog Hot Chocolate + Mapled Whipped Cream
An ever so slightly decadent version of hot chocolate, to warm you on the coldest of January days.

(photo via here)
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