Thursday, October 19, 2017

Sweetness and Light

A sunny room for your Thursday.

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This week's links. Enjoy.

A Tranquil Apartment in Poland
Take a tour of a calm, minimalist holiday apartment in the seaside resort of Międzyzdroje in northwestern Poland, furnished with lovely vintage pieces from the 1920s to 1970s.

Thinking of Thelonious Monk, on the Centennial of His Birth
A meditation on the complex and wonderful music of Thelonious Monk, by pianist and composer Ethan Iverson.

Sarah Polley: The Men You Meet Making Movies
Thoughtful and eloquent essay by writer, director and actor Sarah Polley on her experiences working in the movie industry.

The IKEA Dictionary
This is the kind of thing the internet was made for—a labour of love shared with like-minded souls. As an IKEA geek, I find this wonderful (and informative).

The Little-Known Friendships of Iconic Women Writers
How women writers like Jane Austen and Charlotte Brontë were far from being the solitary eccentrics and/or isolated geniuses they're portrayed in literary history.

Gorgeous and (Almost) Impossible to Kill House Plants
Great list of house plants that are hardy enough to withstand even the most challenged of would-be green thumbs.

Quirky Travel Photos With Architecture
Check out this playful photo series by Valencia-based couple Anna Devis, an illustrator and designer, and Daniel Rueda, an architect, as they inventively interact with architecture all over the world.

10 Tea Cakes to Ease You into Fall Baking
The Food 52 site's Baking Club has been working its way through the first Tartine cookbook—these are the fall-friendly tea cake recipes they've been baking. Perfect with coffee or tea on a chilly autumn afternoon.

(photo via here)
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