Thursday, September 07, 2017

Sweetness and Light

Delicate modern. Love these gentle toned pieces in clean lined, sophisticated shapes.

(photo: west elm via sfgirlbybay)


This week's links. Enjoy.

A Summer House on Mallorca
Take a tour of a gorgeous Spanish summer home, stylishly done in an elegantly understated rustic modern look.

10 Best Travel Books
The Guardian picks 10 notable new travel books in honour of National Read a Book Day.

Charting Elizabeth Taylor's Powerful Costumes in Cleopatra
Interesting look at how the costumes worn by Elizabeth Taylor in the epic 1963 film Cleopatra reflected her character's political and/or emotional power.

Charming Paper Animal Puppets 
Utterly delightful video of Japanese designer Haruki Nakamura's animal puppets. Activated by the human touch, these charming creations are a paper twist on traditional karakuri, or mechanized puppets.

Found in an NYC Junkshop: Forgotten Postcards Between Two Haiku Masters
I love stories like these. An accidental junkshop discovery offers an intriguing glimpse into the New York literary scene of the early 1960's.

Fast Company Creativity Challenge
Feeling in serious need of inspiration? Register with the Fast Company Creativity Challenge and get a new challenge sent to your inbox for 14 consecutive days. A great way to jump start your imagination.

10 Famous Book Hoarders
There are people who have a lot of books (like me), and then there are people who amass such vast quantities of books that they blossom into full on libraries. Take a look at a few high profile collectors (Karl Lagerfeld for one).

Tarragon Chicken
A lovely, easy recipe from Nigella Lawson, featuring the sunny flavours of fresh tarragon and lemon.

(photo: ferm living via nordic design)

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