Thursday, August 17, 2017

Sweetness and Light

Summer living room. Can't believe we're halfway through August.

(photo: garden design by judy kameon via gardenista)


This week's links. Enjoy.
Vintage Modern
Take a tour of a sunny modern Swedish home with pretty vintage touches.

The Female Sci-Fi Character Who Inspired Martin Luther King
A tribute to Commander Nyota Uhura, the ground-breaking character played by Nichelle Nichols in the original Star Trek series.

In a Sleepy French Town, a Postman Built a Surrealist Palace out of Pebbles
The true story of French postman Ferdinand Cheval, who one day in 1879 tripped over a rock while on his mail route in Hauterives. For the next 34 years, he would gather rocks each day to build his extraordinary Palais Idéal, a fantastic structure that would later attract modern artists like Picasso and Ernst, drawn by its Surrealist, dreamlike architecture.

The Useful Dangers of Fairy Tales
Thought provoking essay by Amber Sparks on how traditional fairy tales, with all their disturbing imagery, were a way for mothers to prepare their daughters for the harsh realities of life.

If Wes Anderson and Quentin Tarantino Directed Food Tutorials
Very silly and very fun series of short videos that imagine Anderson, Tarantino and other directors doing food tutorials.

The Colourful Storefronts of Paris
Highlights from German photographer Sebastian Erras's photo series of the beautiful storefronts of Paris. See the full project, "Paris Re-tale," here.

The Women of Dada
Excellent overview of the women of the Dada art movement, from Hannah Höch to Beatrice Wood. 

Gâteaux de Mamie
Roughly translated as Granny's Cake, this classic French lemon yogurt cake is also quick and easy to make. Perfect for summer with some fresh fruit (or any time of the year, really).

(photo: christina fluegge via here)
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