Thursday, May 18, 2017

Sweetness and Light

A beautiful, sun-dappled space to wake up in.

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This week's links. Enjoy.

An Art-Filled Space
Take a tour of the welcoming home of interior designer Paige Geffen, a space with a minimalist aesthetic warmed with honey wood tones and great art.

7 French Art Terms You Should Know
Make the next trip to the art gallery with a little more confidence, with this short glossary of French art terms from Artsy.

Interiors Inspiration Courtesy of Vintage IKEA Catalogues
AnOther magazine shares a few favourites from an archive of vintage IKEA catalogue covers. Groovy stuff. Find the entire archive on Pinterest here.

This Is What Happens To Your Brain When You Read Poetry
Interesting new study shows that there's a unique, pleasurable neurological response to reading poetry, activating parts of the brain that don't respond at all when listening to music or watching films. Time to read more poetry.

The Design Duo Behind The Century's Most Famous Album Covers
Lovely article about the legendary London-based design studio Hipgnosis, whose iconic album cover designs from the '70s recall a time when there was no digital media and designers were treated like (and hung out with) rock stars.

How to Choose the Right Compact Digital Camera For Your Travels
Great list of digital cameras over at Travel+Leisure, suitable for every kind of traveler and every kind of budget. Definitely thinking of upping my Instagram game.

Top 10 Books About Gardens
From the Guardian: "From theatres of social snobbery to fiery manifestos for rewilding, these volumes show that gardening can be sexy, scary and sometimes scandalous."

Eggplant Flatbreads
Lovely recipe from Aunt Martha that's perfect for warm weather lunches or light suppers—flatbread with charred eggplant spread, topped with arugula salad, pickled red onion and a citrusy, smoky tahini sauce.

(photo by benoit linero via here)
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