Thursday, April 27, 2017

Sweetness and Light

This loft space is all kinds of wonderful.

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This week's links. Enjoy. 

Bohemian Chic
Take a tour of the beautiful The Hague home of interiors blogger Theo-Bert Pot—a wonderful '70s inspired boho mix of rich dark colours, big windows, vintage pieces and lots of houseplants.

Laurie Anderson's Glorious, Chaotic New York
From the New York Times: "From performances for “six people in a loft” to “O Superman,” MTV fame, and her time with Lou Reed, the artist reflects on her many years in New York."

Geometry of Circles
What do you get when you pair minimalist composer Philip Glass with Sesame Street? A lovely, animated meditation on circles. Love this.

The Deep Space of Digital Reading
There's a difference between reading digitally and reading print books — and why we shouldn't worry about leaving print behind.

The Honey Facial
British star facialist Alexandra Soveral explains how raw honey is brilliant for exfoliating—non abrasive and gentle, it's a nourishing treat for your face that's right there in the kitchen.

11 Best Natural Beauty Products
And while we're on the subject of natural skincare, a list of 11 excellent natural (or near natural) beauty products—all available through Amazon.

Turning Side Projects Into Startups
Tina Roth Eisenberg of the hugely successful Swiss Miss blog discusses how she turned her various side projects into full-time gigs, such as the breakfast lecture series Creative Mornings (now with over 160 chapters around the world); TeuxDeux, a simple to-do app; and Tattly, a designer-driven temporary tattoo company.

Olive Oil and Orange Cake With Figs
Rich without being overly sweet, this simple cake is also vegan.

(photo via 34 kvadrat)
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