Thursday, April 06, 2017

Sweetness and Light

Why choose between glam and pretty when you can have both? Love that lamp. And mirror. And flooring.

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This week's links. Enjoy.

A Clean Duplex in London
Take a tour of a crisply modern apartment in London, featuring clean-lined contemporary furniture against a background of fresh white. That's the dining area above, incidentally.

10 of the Most Fashionable Movies of All Time
W Magazine picks their 10 favourite films with beautiful clothes to feast your eyes on while the drama unfolds. Choose from A Single Man, The Valley of the Dolls, Sunset Boulevard and The Royal Tenenbaums among others. 

Books in 2017: A Literary Calendar
Great list over at the Guardian of some of the great books we can look forward to this year—already making a note of a few titles to pick up when they're in bookstores.

How to Back Up and Protect Your Data From Old Smart Phones, Tablets and Computers
Great article over at Popular Science that walks you through everything you need to do before selling or recycling your devices.

Live Drawing Videos On Instagram
Illustrators are sharing videos of their artistic process—the results are not only mesmerizing, but have proven to be wildly popular, too.

Aromatic Wilted Greens in Coconut Milk
This is a brilliant way to eat your greens—and fast to make, too. Definitely making this one soon.
(photo by nathalie priem
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