Thursday, February 16, 2017

Sweetness and Light

If I had a breakfast nook like this, I'd probably spend the whole day there.

(photo via architectural digest)


This week's links. Enjoy.

An Art Filled Barcelona Home
Tour the stunning home of art collector and gallerist Miquel Alzueta and his wife, antique dealer África Posse, filled with mid century classics and wonderful art. That's a view of the kitchen above, incidentally.  

What Did the Romans Eat? Food and Drink in Ancient TImes
Fascinating article on the diet of ancient Rome. Hint—it wasn't all banquets.

Doug and Mike Starn Gallery Tour
Take a look at the New York studio and work of artist brothers Doug and Mike Starn, whose installation Big Bambú: You Can’t, You Don’t, and You Won’t Stop remains one of the most popular pieces at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Communication Arts Insights Column
Feeling uninspired? Recharge your imagination with a browse through the Insights column archives, with contributions from over 400 creatives in various disciplines.

Top 10 Slangy Novels
Check out this list of classic crime novels—and enrich your vocabulary at the same time.

Italian Beans and Greens
Quick and healthy, this classic Italian dish of cannellini beans and sautéed escarole is perfect for supper on a busy weeknight.

(photo by jonas ingerstedt for kinfolk. via scandinavian collectors)
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