Thursday, February 02, 2017

Sweetness and Light

Spotlight on serious lounging. Have a lovely Thursday.

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This week's links. Enjoy.

Modern Minimalism in Antwerp
Take a tour of a beautiful Belgian home that takes a luxe approach to minimalist style. Lovely. 

The Breakfast Machine
Watch a video of an adorable Rube Goldberg-style machine, created by two English inventors to make breakfast for their respective wives. Dotty and wonderful.

A Female Flemish Old Master Gets Her First Modern Exhibition
In 2018 the Rubens House in Antwerp will hold the first ever exhibition for 17th century artist Michaelina Wautier—probably the first woman who successfully painted works in nearly all genres. This sounds like a fantastic show.

The Structural Soundness of Your Favourite Desserts, According to Architects
Gabriella Gershenson of Saveur magazine asked four architects to "...weigh in on the structural integrity, engineering prowess, and aesthetic appeal of a range of desserts, from CarĂªme’s historic croquembouche to the modern-day Cronut™."

How Meditation Strengthens Your Brain
"If you’re always thinking about problems and failures, you’re going to get more problems and failures. If you’re consistently grateful, disciplined, and strong, you will find more to be grateful for, more discipline and more strength." Read this and feel inspired by how simple and transformative meditation can be.

The Forgotten China Girls Hidden At The Beginning Of Old Films 
Fascinating obscure bit of cinema history: "Few people ever saw the images of China girls, although for decades they were ubiquitous in movie theaters. At the beginning of a reel of film, there would be a few frames of a woman’s head."

How Arrival's Designers Crafted a Mesmerizing Alien Alphabet
A look at the thought process that went in to creating the alien alphabet in the film "Arrival" starring Amy Adams. Haven't read this as I haven't yet seen the movie—so looking forward to it!

Hippy Banana Bread
Loaded with seeds, nuts and dried cherries, this great version of banana bread is perfect for breakfast or a healthy mid afternoon snack.

(photo: karoline de la concha's home, via sfgirlbybay)
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