Thursday, August 18, 2016

Sweetness and Light

Dreaming of lakes and picnics these days. Enjoy your summer.

(photo by our food stories)


This week's links. Enjoy.

A Luxe Modern Bachelor's Bungalow
Gorgeous Los Angeles home by Alice Cheng of interior design firm SHIALICE, featuring a minimalist modern aesthetic with a touch of glam here and there. Love.

11 Great Books to Help Creatives Unwind
Nice book list on the HOW magazine site to inspire and amuse.

The Moleskine Café
Picasso, Hemingway and Matisse were devoted to their black Moleskine notebooks, and now the iconic notebook maker has opened a café in Milan — one that actively encourages drawing, writing, or simply doodling.

A Secret History of Subterranean Sound
Fascinating article on The Quietus about the people who made library music in the UK — the often anonymous music that became favourite TV and film themes. 

Self-Portrait With Wildlife
Animeyed is a self-portrait series with animals by Hungarian photographer Flora Borsi. Stunning images.

Good News, Futurama Nerds: The Morbotron!
First there was the Frinkiac, the Simpsons cartoon search engine that matches up your favourite quote with the right still image or gif. And now there's a Futurama version. Have fun.

One Bowl Chocolate Cake
Every week Food 52 features an heirloom recipe — dishes that have been shared from generation to generation. This beautifully simple recipe from Heidi Sze of Apples Under My Bed is easy and quick — perfect when you need cake and you need it now.

(photo: room of karma)

automatism on instagram

Too headache-y to work or read the other day, so broke out the watercolours for some much needed practice.

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