Thursday, July 14, 2016

Sweetness and Light

A peaceful room in warm, natural tones for your Thursday.

(photo: stadshem via ems designblogg)


This week's links. Enjoy.

Portuguese Getaway
Take a tour of the fantastic Pensão Agrícola, a small six room hotel in a Portuguese fishing village. Built in 1920, it was originally a farmhouse before lapsing into neglect. Now restored by architects Atelier Rua, it's a lovely minimalist space brightened with traditional furniture and crafts.

Folk Art Fashion
Stunning, vibrantly colourful fashion photo series inspired by Slavic folklore. Created by photographer Andrey Yakovlev and art director Lili Aleeva, the Moscow-based husband and wife team of Yakovlev and Aleeva.  

Architecture With No Limits
Have a look at the surreal cityscapes of Stefan Larsson, where skyscrapers move and expand in a dreamlike world of buildings that act like living organisms. Hypnotic.

Sofia Coppola's Guide to Rome
Check out director Sofia Coppola's list of nine favourite (mostly) dining and shopping havens in the Eternal City.

Magical Firefly Photos
For about 10 days in the summer, Japan is treated to the wonderful natural phenomenon of fireflies spreading out through the country's forests, lighting up the night sky. Beautiful photos of this annual event. 

Loaded Hummus
Perfect for hot weather suppers, this quick and easy recipe adds some delicious extras to hummus. Pita on hand and a big salad on the side and you're good to go.

(photo: curious egg)

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A lovely day for a walk in the park

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