Thursday, June 02, 2016

Sweetness and Light

An elegant space, to start your day in a tranquil mood.

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This week's links. Enjoy.

Brooklyn Jewel
Take a tour of jewelry designer Lizzie Fortunato's beautiful Brooklyn home, furnished with finds from her travels all over the world. Elegant boho.

Pie Consultant
Fun Bon App├ętit article about Stacy Donnelly, who, with her team of eight bakers, provides the Broadway show Waitress with 32 real pies onstage a week (and up to 1,400 mason jar pies, sold in the aisles by ushers).

How Your Low Tolerance For Boredom Might Be Making You Less Creative
Interesting study. "Technology has abolished the 'transition zones' between work and leisure — and with them, much of our inspiration."

Anything Can Break Bad
Fascinating profile of FBI Special Agent Meridith Savona, who has been investigating art crimes for the FBI's New York office major-crimes unit since 2010.  

7 Cleansing Masks
Nice round up of seven cleansing masks, ranging from ones with quick results for busy days to spa-inspired ones for a more leisurely skin pampering.

Strawberry Struesel Cake
Lovely recipe from Nigella Lawson that's a perfect match with coffee or tea.

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Dramatic clouds right now — thunderstorms are on their way

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