Thursday, April 21, 2016

Sweetness and Light

This would be rather wonderful to come home to — the entrance hall of Pierre and São Schlumberger's Parisian flat, circa 1974. Fantastic mix of French antiques and a Mark Rothko painting.

(photo: horst p. horst for vogue, 1974. via here)


This week's links. Enjoy.

Tranquil Greys in a Danish Home
Take a tour over at Elle Denmark of interior stylist Cille Grut's beautiful home, in soothing tones of grey, white and touches of black. Gorgeous.

Science Says This is The Most Relaxing Song Ever
Feeling stressed? A team of scientists and sound therapists worked with Manchester band Marconi Union to create what they say is they most relaxing song ever — one that triggers 'entrainment', the synchronization of brainwaves and heart rate. Listen in — and see their top 10 picks for the most relaxing songs, too.

Beautiful, Beautiful Music: Beth Orton's Favourite Albums
Singer/songwriter Beth Orton picks her top albums for The Quietus. So much great listening here Kate Bush, Nina Simone, Marvin Gaye, Bob Dylan, The Slits and The Specials among others. 

Very Old, Very Rude Nursery Rhymes
Have a virtual look at a 1744 book of nursery rhymes — the oldest surviving published collection at The British Library. Called 'Tommy Thumb's Pretty Song Book', it contains rhymes still familiar today and others that are, well, not so familiar. They had a salty (and scatalogical) sense of humour in those days...

A 60's Architecture Collective That Made History (But No Buildings) 
Fascinating story of the radical Italian design group Superstudio, whose influence on modern architecture is still making itself felt today.

The Power of Rituals
An empowering reminder about how the beauty rituals we perform every day are about nourishing the soul as much as they are about caring for our bodies.

The Shipwrecked Dress
An extraordinary find — an exquisitely preserved 17th century silk damask dress, recovered by marine archeologists from a bundle found in a ship wreck off the coast of Holland. Follow the link for photos.

Spring Salad With Asparagus, Goat Cheese, Lemon and Hazelnuts
A lovely salad that features the best of spring vegetables.  

(photo by petra bindel, styling by emma persson lagerberg for elle decoration)

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Farewell, tulips — and thank you for your beauty

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