Monday, March 28, 2016


A great mix of rustic and glam, to start your Monday with a little inspiration. Have a lovely one.

(photo via here)

Hidden Treasure

When Aurore and ClĂ©ment first viewed this former garage in Bordeaux, they saw a little more than they expected — their upstairs neighbour's wooden floors, as the ceiling had fallen down. But, undeterred by the terrible condition of the property, they bought it anyway. During the renovation, there were a lot of pleasant surprises, such as the remains of a horse stall in what is now the living room — a relic from the 19th century when a banque de poste was located there. It even still had hay in the basket. Old cobblestones and beams were also uncovered, and the original stone walls have been left here and there as a contrast to the modern smooth plaster. Love the result. More here on vtwonen.

(photography by julien fernandez)
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