Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Simple Pleasures

Baking bread. I had another go at it last weekend — and this photo shows how it turned out. It's a little heavy, but each time I bake (this was my second attempt) I learn a little more. But it's funny how amazingly satisfying it is to make your own bread.

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Fashionably Eclectic

Love this beautiful 1940's Barcelona apartment, the highly personal home of a fashion designer. Interior designer Cristina Rodriguez has transformed the space with a splendid mix of glam pieces and floral details — and a sense of fun, as can be seen by the amazingly stylish table tennis room. Lots more photos here on AD España.

(photography by montse garriga)

Atelier: Cornelis van Spaendonck

There truly is a timeless beauty to Dutch still life painting. This is a detail from a 1789 painting by Cornelis van Spaendonck, titled 'Still Life with Flowers'. Love. See more of his work here.

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