Thursday, October 29, 2015

Sweetness and Light

Love these hand-inked porcelain pieces by Elaine Tian of Studio Joo, made for fashion designer Titiana Inglis. Gorgeous.

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This week's links. Enjoy.

At Home With The Style Files
The lovely space of Danielle de Lange of The Style Files is featured in the new book 'Chic Boutiquers at Home' by Ellie Tennant — take a tour and see why. It's beautiful.

Out With Vampires, In With Haunted Houses: The Ghost Story is Back
Great article in The Guardian about how the ghost story is making a comeback, with everyone from debut novelists to established literary stars offering chilling tales this autumn — and with a list of what's new to read, too.

Five New Fashion Books For Your Coffee Table
T Magazine rounds up five great new coffee table fashion books — beautifully printed works to indulge in for yourself or as gifts for others (holidays aren't so very far away).

The Future of Doodling
Once something done on scraps of paper, the margins of books, backs of envelopes and such, doodling now has apps devoted to this ephemeral and relaxing minor art form.

Halloween Makeup Ideas From W Magazine
Go glam this Halloween weekend with a spooky-chic makeup look — find lots of inspiration with this slide show of photos from the pages of W magazine.

Top 10 Memorable Meals in Literature
Diana Secker Tesdall has a wonderful list of 10 delectable literary meals, ranging from Marcel Proust, Virginia Woolf and Isak Dinesen to Evelyn Waugh and (of course) Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin.

Nature Cut Outs
Love this beautiful Instagram series by artist Nikolai Tolstyh featuring cut out animal silhouettes on paper, photographed outside against foliage, trees and such to complete the work by adding colours and patterns from the natural world. Stunning.

Pomodori col Riso
A staple of the Roman 'fast food' scene, Pomodori col Riso (Rice-Stuffed Tomatoes) are often roasted with potatoes — a flavourful and comforting dish that's perfect for chill autumn evenings.

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automatism on instagram

An impressionist view of an old barn from the car.

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