Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Simple Pleasures

The dawn of a new political era. We just had an historic federal election here last night — looking forward to seeing a fresh vision for Canada.

(photo by austin gros via jessica sloane)

French Modern

Located in Fontainebleau, this lovely French family home has had a major renovation by interior design group Royal Roulotte, with stunning results. Great mix of old and new. See more on the Royal Roulotte site here.

(photos: royal roulotte. via my domaine)

Atelier: Ellie Davies

Absolutely love this beautiful series by photographer Ellie Davies. Called 'Smoke and Mirrors', it explores the notion of forests in fairy tales and children's stories as other, often sinister worlds — and the golden trees evoke the sense of magic found in these tales. Lovely. More here on Lens Culture.
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