Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Simple Pleasures

A good laugh.

(photo by aprelka via here)

Tuscan Artists Retreat

If you're looking for a creative retreat, the Villa Lena in Tuscany is everything you could wish for. Set in 500 hectares of woodland, live groves and vineyards, this beautiful 19th century neo-Renaissance house is now a residence for multidisciplinary artists. Guests can stay in several residencies there, including rooms in converted stables, self-contained apartments and private houses. I feel inspired just looking at these photos. Find out more here on All Items Loaded.

(photography by coke bartrina)

Atelier: automatism

This weekend I treated myself to some watercolour pencils and a Moleskine sketch album — yesterday was spent playing around with them and working on my very rusty drawing skills. So good to get back into this, after doing so much digitally these days.

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