Thursday, August 06, 2015

Sweetness and Light

A beautiful still life for your Thursday.

(photo by line kay for hale mercantile co. via est magazine)


This week's links. Enjoy.

At Home With Bien-Fait Paris
Take a tour of the utterly charming Paris home of Cécile Figuette, founder of original wallpaper shop Bien-Fait Paris.

A Raw Take on Food Art
From veggie Crayolas to a salami View-Master, Vancouver-based graphic designer Matija Erceg combines food and everyday objects to comic (and occasionally squishy) effect.

8 Top Interior Designers Who Were Self-Taught
Inspiring piece over at Domaine featuring profiles of 8 interior designers who taught themselves, including Vicente Wolf, Martha Angus and Jonathan Adler.

Carnival: Photographs by Roger Vail
Utterly stunning photo series by Roger Vail of carnival rides, taken with a 4x5 (and later 8x10) camera, using experimentation with exposures and a willingness to not know how it would all turn out. Just gorgeous and a must see. Thanks to Andrew for the link.

Millicent Rogers: Fashion Icon
Fascinating profile of the utterly glamorous Millicent Rogers, whose extraordinary style continues to inspire fashion collections and museum shows today.

The Oddball Quirks of Famous Writers
Face paint, champagne and antelope skin — check out some of the more curious habits of famous writers. I imagine TS Eliot got a lot of side eye in his day ...

A Shop Floor Made of 25,000 Pieces of Defective Pottery
This is brilliant. Yusuke Seki, the designer in charge of the renovation of Maruhiro, a shop in the pottery town of Hasami, Japan, came up with an ingenious solution to the piles of imperfect teacups, bowls and vases made locally that can't be sold — an elevated floor made entirely out of tableware. Looks amazing.

Torta di Riso alla Carrarina
This delicate rice and custard torta is a traditional Tuscan dessert, made up of two layers — on top, a delicate custard, on the bottom, a firmer layer of soft rice and custard. The result is reminiscent of eating crème caramel and rice pudding with each bite. Definitely going to try making this one.

(photo via bolia)

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Composition in green.

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