Thursday, July 09, 2015

Sweetness and Light

A lovely still life with the most perfect details — the linen cloth, the exquisite pottery, the simple fare. Gorgeous.

(photo by roland persson via skarp agent)


This week's links. Enjoy.

14 of the Best Beach Houses by Contemporary Architects
Dezeen has a great round up of 14 stunning modern beach houses that will have you instantly dreaming of summer getaways.

The Shining in Food Form
Fun series by food stylist Claudia Ficca and photographer Davide Luciano that interprets scenes from Stanley Kubrick's classic horror film 'The Shining' in food form. Clever.

Top 10 Life Lessons From Books of the Past
Wonderful short compilation of gems by historian Elizabeth Archibald, with useful tips from across the centuries on social problems that still perplex us today. Handy party tip from around 1200 AD — if the host tells you to get on your horse, it's time to leave.

Martin Scorsese's Film Poster Collection
Fantastic post over at Quartz featuring gorgeous selections from director Martin Scorsese's extensive collection of vintage film posters. 

Bohemian Bridal Inspiration
Slide show over at French Vogue of great hippy chic wedding wear from the 70s. Seriously groovy inspiration for the unconventional bride.

The Sun Protection Glossary
Confused about the difference between UVB, UVA and SPF numbers? Have a look at this handy glossary of sun protection terms over at British Vogue.

Summer Reading for Children
Looking to get your kids into reading over the summer? Brain Pickings has a great list of books that they'll find amusing, inspiring and engrossing.

The Modern Art Cookbook
Check out some of the recipes collected in The Modern Art Cookbook, featuring the culinary secrets of 20th century writers and artists — including Picasso's Herb Soup, Frida Kahlo's Red Snapper (Veracruz Style) and Emily Dickinson's Gingerbread.

Eggplant Pizza
Simple to make, these little pizzas are not only delicious but great for anyone on a gluten-free diet, too.

(photo by morten holtum via my unfinished home)

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Oh hey, giant chocolate croissant.

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