Friday, July 03, 2015


Happy weekend! Hope it's a lovely one. Looking forward to another visit to the National Gallery to see some major Canadian art exhibitions — and to check out a used bookstore or two as well. Enjoy your own ...

(photo via here

Italian Charm

Utterly smitten today with the beautiful home of Italian interior designer Pietro Castagna. Located in Pescallo, a small fishing village on the shores of Lake Como in Italy, Pietro's villa was formerly a convent built in the 1600s. Gently modernized and restored, it has retained its rustic beauty while embracing the design and amenities of the modern age. Perfect. More here on Mad and Bolig.

(photography by stefania giorgi)


Have a peaceful weekend.

(photo by ├ędouard boubat, 'stanislas at the window', france, 1973. via here)
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