Thursday, April 09, 2015

Sweetness and Light

Love this simple black shelf above a bed — clean, elegant design.

(photo via b&b italia on flickr)


This week's links. Enjoy.

Factory Into Loft
Take a tour of a loft in New York's Soho area that blends its industrial factory origins with feminine, vintage pieces to great effect.

The Ten Commandments of Sushi
Utterly charming piece by Tom Downey about chef Susumu Yajima, the unconventional owner of Yajima Sushi in Shibuya-ku, with wonderful illustrations by Chie Ushio. Thanks to Andrew for the link.

Mad Men Meets Milton Glaser
Fascinating when fiction meets the real deal — for its final season, the series Mad Men enlisted graphic design legend Milton Glaser. So inspired.

Battle Ready: The Symbolism of Black Eyeliner
Via T Magazine: "Whether smudgy and disaffected or strong and defined, it transforms the entire face, making a warrior of any woman." I love reading articulate pieces on beauty.

The Scourge of the Bronze Zombies: How Terrible Statues Are Ruining Art
Really interesting and thought-provoking piece by Guardian art critic Jonathan Jones about the rise of bad public art. I must say I agree with a lot of what he says.

So long, cronut. The latest pastry sensation is a meringue and cream sandwich more than a century old. Meet the merveilleux.

100 Great Children's Picture Books
Check out these highlights from Martin Salisbury's stunning collection of vintage illustrated children's books, dating from 1922-2011. Just gorgeous illustration and design. Thanks again to Andrew for the link.

Roasted Beet Wedges With Herbed Green Onion Tzatiki
I've been meaning to eat beets more often — this elegantly simple recipe from Brooklyn Supper is definitely a perfect place to start.

(photo by j. ingerstedt)

automatism on instagram

One of my two recent pieces from pottery class inspired by Danish mid century design.

(follow me on instagram at automatism)
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