Thursday, March 05, 2015

Sweetness and Light

Soft and gentle minimalism for your Thursday.

(photo by mikkel adsbøl)


This week's links. Enjoy.

Mid Century Modern in Toronto
Take a tour of a small, retro-flavoured home in Toronto. Great style.

Designing Obsession: The Book Covers That Brought Art Into the Home
Via BBC: As Penguin celebrates its 80th anniversary Brian Morton examines its paperback designs and the artists who created them. Gorgeous work.

A Peek Inside MoMA's Björk Retrospective
This is going to be an amazing show. Opening this week at MoMA in New York, it covers 20 years of Björk's career in music, art and design.

Want to Improve Your Life? Do Something Awesome
This is intriguing. Studies find the emotion of awe may make people more empathetic, trusting, generous and humble. It also gives people stronger health and improved relationships. And it's just, well, awesome to experience awe.

Milan Fashion Week Street Style
Check out a huge slide show of great street style from the Fall 2015 Milan Fashion Week over at W magazine.

Why Magritte Was Like a Standup Comedian
From the article: "It's noticeable that many of the techniques Magritte uses for creating his mysterious images are to be found in comedy writing. His pictures are frequently structured like jokes ... relying upon a simple (almost mathematical) function, like reversal or negation." This doesn't surprise me, actually ... (via Paris Review)

PJ Harvey on the Resonance of Recording Spaces
To coincide with her ongoing exhibition at Somerset House, PJ Harvey discusses the importance of recording spaces in her work. Fascinating.

Spiced Vegan Lentil Soup
A warming and nourishing soup from Cookie + Kate, perfect for late winter days.

(photo by idha lindhag)

automatism on instagram

And here it is — my very first pot made in pottery class, finished with a simple white glaze. And now a plant pot!

(follow me on instagram at automatism)
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