Friday, August 29, 2014


Happy weekend! Hope it's a lovely one. The weather is looking stormy here for us, so catching up on movies and going out for a leisurely brunch are looking like good options. How about you?

(photo by paulina arcklin)

Natural Beauty

The house of professional calligrapher Ylva serves as both home and studio — and with its soothing palette of natural tones and textures, it's a perfect space for being creative as well as for relaxing. Love this one.

(photography by helena blomqvist. via planet deco)

The Listening Booth: Summer Swim, Part 4

Welcome to The Listening Booth, a regular series of posts that features a guest musician, DJ or music devotee sharing their current three favourite songs with automatism readers. 

Today's Listening Booth is hosted by the brilliantly talented and lovely DJ Lamb Rabbit, and it's all about warm summer days spent in and by the water. In fact, Lamb Rabbit was so inspired that our Summer Listening Booth post is a four part series, to dip into throughout the month of August. Enjoy Part 4.


Hailing from Ottawa, Canada, Rachel DJs around town under her creative nom de plume Lamb Rabbit, as well as with a lady-DJ collective she co-founded called The Girlfriends.

You can find some of Lamb Rabbit's mixes here

Lamb Rabbit's Three Picks

Summer sun leaves me yearning to get off of dry land and into the cool, cool water. Lay back and listen to the lapping of the waves, or dive a little deeper. Let's go swimming.

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