Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Simple Pleasures

A cool spot on a hot day. Add a chilled drink or two to this scenario and a muggy August afternoon is instantly perfect.

(photo via studio mumbai by way of archiphile)

Industrial Bachelor

Located on the top floor of a two-story Edwardian shopfront in Melbourne, the industrial style bachelor apartment of furniture dealer and artist Guy Mathews is a showcase for his unerring eye for the beautiful — even in objects with the humblest provenance. Here he, his young son Charlie and Paris the cat live above Guy's furniture shop on the ground floor, surrounded by finds made scouting throughout Australia and the US, as well as sculptures and bricolages created by Guy. Love this one. More here on Homelife.

(photography by lauren bamford with styling by jason grant)

Atelier: Meredith Pardue

Today I'm admiring the beautiful work of painter Meredith Pardue — semi abstract pieces inspired by nature. Just gorgeous. See more of Meredith's work on her website here.
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