Thursday, July 03, 2014

Sweetness and Light

A perfect spot for summer lunch — a pretty orangerie to linger in long after the plates are empty.

(photo by pia ulin, styling by lotta agaton with assistance by sara mortensen. via residence)


This week's links. Enjoy.

A Tribeca One Bedroom Apartment — and Showroom
Take a tour of the lovely space of Nicole Najafi, who left Balenciaga a year ago to start-up a line of her own — a blue jeans business she runs and shows from her home.

20 Best Summer Films
The staff over at The Stylist pick their favourite summer films, with an eclectic selection ranging everywhere from Jaws to Ferris Bueller's Day Off to the classic Roman Holiday.

Leisurely London Mornings Equals Greater Creativity
An IKEA study of people's daily routines around the world finds Londoners' leisurely mornings results in higher levels of imaginative thinking. Interesting — especially if (like me) you are not a morning person to begin with.

New Covet Garden
The latest issue of Covet Garden magazine is now available, and it looks gorgeous as always — get yourself a tea or coffee (iced if it's hot) and settle down for a happy read.

Beautiful Ruins
Slide show of stunning photographs by Polish history teacher Pati Makowski, who spends her spare time tracking down and photographing some of Europe's most beautiful ruins.

Eco-Friendly Exfoliators
A round up of cleansers made with eco-friendly alternatives to microbeads — those tiny little plastic pearls in facial scrubs that are now turning up in our waterways, with fatal results for wildlife. Now you can have clear skin with a clear conscience!

Manners Maketh the Man
Lovely profile of James Allen, train dispatcher at St. Albans station in London: "My life is meaningless if I am not being nice to the people around me."

Ice Cubes For Grown-ups
Add a little sophistication to your cold drinks this summer with these lovely recipes for flavoured ice cubes — check out Dark Chocolate Ice Cubes, Cinnamon, Anise and Cardamon Ice Cubes or Angostura, Black Tea and Thyme Ice Cubes. Via The Kitchn.

(photo via bjurfors by way of my scandinavian home)
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