Thursday, June 12, 2014

Sweetness and Light

Love this gorgeous photograph by Erik Madigan Heck, a new addition to his Without a Face series — one that's a re-imagining of traditional fashion shoots, focusing on the clothes rather than the face.

(via the cut)


This week's links. Enjoy.

8 Most Inspiring Fashion Films Of All Time
Elle magazine rounds up 8 films that have fantastic sartorial style, ranging from Belle de Jour to Heathers — with plenty of intriguing choices in between, too.

The Writer Who Designed Brazil's Soccer Uniform
The World Cup starts very soon — get in the mood with this interesting sartorial history of the host country's team uniform.

12 Swoon-Worthy Beach Houses
Design Milk has me longing for a vacation by the sea with these 12 stunning beach houses from around the world. Gorgeous.

The Rose: Beauty's Star Ingredient
Vogue picks 12 new beauty products that capture the soothing and regenerative powers of the rose. I'm coveting the Jo Malone London Red Roses Bath Oil, made with seven types of roses. Bliss.

Learn a Foreign Language — For Free
Studies show that learning another language is a great way to keep your brain nimble as you grow older — besides, of course, making international travel a richer and more rewarding experience, too. The U.S. Foreign Service Institute offers free lessons in over 40 languages — direct link to their site here.

Summer Skin Savers
Keep your skin healthy this summer with one of these 9 serums designed to repair and protect sun exposed skin. You'll still need the SPF, though.

Tell a Book By Its Map
Fun quiz over at Guardian Books — can you identify the book from its map?

Fresh Summer Pizzas
Cooking Light has a great round up of pizzas that emphasize lighter, summery ingredients — think grilled veggies, greens and seasonal farmer's market finds.

(photo by karen mordechai of sunday suppers via steven alan)
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