Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Moments of Beauty

Elegant black and white polka dots. 

(photo by paolo roversi)

A Lofty Shop

This stunning New York loft apartment is actually a store — it's the physical retail space of the lovely online shop The Line. Every item in it is for sale, right down to the soap in the bathroom. Brilliant concept. I could so easily live here.

(photography by aubrie pick. via apartment 34 by way of my unfinished home)

Sponsor Spotlight

Add classic mid 20th century style to your space with the stunning Womb Chair, a high quality reproduction from Rove Concepts. Available in either Classic Boucle Wool or Premium Cashmere Wool from Denmark, the entire chair is hand stitched around a synthetic 'dimension true' curvature shell poised on a high quality aluminum base in a chip and flake resistant satin finish. This quality piece will give you years of stylishly comfortable seating, as well as instantly becoming the focus of any room. Have a look at your many Womb Chair options here.

Jamie Herzlinger now represents Studio E wallpaper! Here's what Jamie herself has to say about this lovely company: 

"We are so excited that we now represent my favorite wallpaper company! I have used Studio E in all of my projects because their products are one of a kind and are the only company that makes Venetian plaster in the form of wallpaper! Studio E also specializes in metal-leaf wallpapers, I recently used the Egypt #2274 paper in white gold in my 5th Avenue project. Studio E has been used by many high-end retail stores around the world, such as Louis Vuitton and Tiffany & Co.

If you are at all thinking of using Venetian plaster in your home or on a project I highly recommend Studio E’s wallpaper as the benefits are endless! I recently worked on a project in which the client wanted Venetian plaster walls, but they had young children that often bang their toys into the walls. If Venetian plaster gets chipped you often have to have the entire wall re-surfaced in hopes that it will match with the rest of your walls. Using Studio E, a wallpaper panel can be immediately replaced with same-lot stock, with 100% assurance of a perfect match. Also, many times we change our minds or get tired of a color we have in our home. The removal of direct application Venetian plaster is costly, time consuming, messy, and requires the use of chemicals and surface sanding tools. Walls must be re-prepped to receive a new treatment and skilled labor is required. If you choose to remove your Venetian plaster wallpaper on the other hand, no artisan experience necessary. Wallpaper is removed with standard removal techniques. Redesign is inexpensive, fast, clean and easy. 
We cannot wait to help you with your next wallpaper project!"

Linda of After Antoinette has a truly charming idea for those who love objects with a history — the Vintage Lucky Dip Tin. Linda says, "This is a wee vintage metal tin stuffed full with eclectic vintage delights. When I was a little girl I loved the pocket money treat called a 'Jamboree Bag' which had a winning combination of sweets and toys. This Vintage Lucky Dip Tin is in the spirit of this memory." Many of the items in the tin are French in origin — I can picture these as part of a tiny still life, decorating a gift, part of an art collage or tucked into a card for a friend. The possibilities are endless. 
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