Thursday, February 20, 2014

Sweetness and Light

Perfect way to spend an hour or two on a chilly winter afternoon — curled up in a favourite cafĂ© with a friend or significant other over coffee or tea (or chai as shown here), discussing everything and nothing.

(photo by karen wise for green chutney grill. via a gentlewoman)


This week's links. Enjoy.

Helen Frankenthaler at Work
A lovely glimpse at the great American painter Helen Frankenthaler at work in her studio, via Anthology magazine. Such a brilliant colourist.

Drip, Drip Drip By Day and Night
Fascinating essay by Alexandra Harris on the prevalence of rain and flooding in English literature, from the April showers that begin The Canterbury Tales to Shakespearean storms through to rain washed Victorian classics. Very timely at the moment.

Japanese Modern
Take a tour of an airy modern home by Jun Igarashi Architects in Sapporo, Japan — just an amazing space.

Signs of the Times
Interesting piece by Cathy Horyn in T magazine about how practical, modern dressing these days is looking very much like the forward thinking minimalist cool of designers like Jil Sander in the '90s.

Food in Fiction Quiz
Find out how voracious a reader you really are with The Guardian's food in fiction quiz! Just surprised myself by getting 9 out of 10 correct (a little inspired guessing was involved, though).

Hi-Fi, Hip-Hop and Disco: 7 Musical Gems From the 1970s
Questlove picks seven songs that were part of the soundtrack of his childhood. Perfect aural snapshot of a time and place.

5 Tips For Building the Ultimate Snow Fort
With winter weather continuing to be extreme in many places, why not embrace it and build yourself a snow fort? Popular Mechanics offers helpful tips on making it awesome.

Brown Butter Tart With Blackberries
Based on a French recipe, this method for making pastry is unusual (you prepare the dough in the oven before baking) but super easy — definitely will be trying this one.

(photo by nicole franzen)
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