Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Simple Pleasures

Fresh flowers. Love this still life by Anne of The City Sage featuring a wonderful mix of roses and kumquats — gorgeous colours and textures.

(lovely photo by anne sage on instagram. via pinterest)

Atelier: The Book Cover Archive

Every once in a while I revisit one of my favourite sites — The Book Cover Archive, which always features fantastic book cover design to slowly savour. Today I'm sharing a few picks from my latest visit.

From top to bottom: Twelve Fingers by Jo Soares, design by Evan Gaffney; Writings From the Zen Masters, design by Alistair Hall; Pictures At An Exhibition by Sara Houghteling, design by Peter Mendelsund; The Snobs by Muriel Spark, design by Sara Fanneli; Milk by Anne Mendelson, design by Barbara DeWilde; Italian Villas And Their Gardens by Edith Wharton, design by Gabriele Wilson; Utopia by Thomas More, design by David Pearson; The Kiss by Anton Chekhov, design by Darren Haggar.
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