Thursday, February 13, 2014

Sweetness and Light

A hybrid tea rose, photographed by Irving Penn in 1971.

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This week's links. Enjoy.

Top 50 Romantic Lines From Literature
Beautiful words about the mysteries of love by writers and poets over the centuries, to get you in the mood for Valentine's Day. 

The Best Face Oils
I featured oils to boost your mood last week — now it's time to give a little love to your winter face. Eva Wiseman picks six that will have you feeling pampered and glowing in no time.

Dining With The Futurists
Via The Browser: "Italian Futurists saw food as a 'weapon in the fight against tradition'...In March 1931 they opened the Tavern of the Holy Palate in Bologna, devoted to futurist cooking. On the menu, Chicken Fiat: 'A good-sized chicken is boiled, then roasted. After its removal from the oven, a large cavity must be dug in the bird's shoulder and filled with ball bearings." Fascinating article — and definitely memorable meals (even if inedible).

Famous Film Sets as Cross Section Illustrations
Really beautifully done series of illustrations by Federico Babina of classic film sets you can peek into like a doll's house. Love his stylish picks, too — Goldfinger, The Party, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Vertigo and Playtime are just a few of the great films illustrated.

Life as a Hollywood Stylist
Ever wonder about the people who choose the gowns worn by Hollywood A-listers on the red carpet? A glimpse into the life of ten top Hollywood stylists and what they do.

Top Ten Crime Novels in Translation
Looking for something a little different to while away a chilly February evening? Check out this list of great crime writing from Italy, France, Spain, South Africa among others that have been translated into English.

How Knitting Keeps You Healthy
Who knew? Not only do you get to create something lovely, but just the act of knitting is doing you a lot of physical good, too. Time to start another scarf, I think ...

The Saveur Valentine's Day Guide
Everything you need in the way of recipes for a perfect Valentine's Day, including dinner menus, rich chocolate desserts, sparkling cocktails and breakfast in bed.

(photo by lisa petrole)
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