Thursday, January 23, 2014

Sweetness and Light

A lovely still life, with silvery vintage cutlery nonchalantly arranged to perfection.

(photo by line klein)


This week's links. Enjoy.

London's Haute Couture
In celebration of Paris Haute Couture, AnOther speaks to the antique and couture collectors of London about couture's appeal.

10 Gothic Short Stories You Can Read Online Right Now
Earlier this week Flavorpill commemorated the birthday of Edgar Allan Poe with links to 10 superbly creepy vintage Gothic short stories by Wilkie Collins, Théophile Gautier and Elizabeth Gaskell among others — perfect for whiling away the long winter nights. Via The Paris Review.

Four Ways to Find Inspiration Everywhere
Can the world around you make you more creative? Gwen Moran says yes and shows you how.

Breaking: Bad
Interesting New Yorker piece on the appeal of breaking character while performing comedy — and how Jimmy Fallon is a prime example of this.

Underwear Outerwear
Rebecca Willis sings the praises of the vest — the type worn under your clothes (we call it a tank top here) and the ones worn over your clothes — and how keeping your core warm is key during the winter.

Hopper Meditations
Interview with photographer Richard Tuschman, whose work synthesizes his interests in photography, painting and assemblage. His latest series, Hopper Meditations, consists of painstaking recreations of Edward Hopper paintings. The lighting alone in these images is stunning.

How to Eat Cheese Fondue the Proper Swiss/French Way
Cold weather is a perfect time for a traditional cheese fondue — and Bon Appétit is here to tell you how to do it properly.

Asian Noodle Soups
Saveur recently put together a great round up of eight Asian soup recipes — perfect comfort food.

(photo by mikkel vang)
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