Thursday, January 16, 2014

Sweetness and Light

Love this wonderfully casual art wall — easy to change out the art displayed there whenever the mood strikes.

(photo by line klein)


This week's links. Enjoy.

The Fascination of the Unfinished
Interesting piece on the special place unfinished paintings hold in art history — tantalizing glimpses of what might have been, often with at times melancholy stories about why they never came to completion.

André Cassagnes by Christophe Niemann
Charming tribute by illustrator Christophe Niemann to André Cassagnes, the inventor of Etch A Sketch, all drawn on an Etch A Sketch.

Red Carpet Looks From the Golden Globes
Slide show of all the pretty gowns and suits worn by the nominees at this year's Golden Globes. I find looking at awards fashions slide shows oddly soothing.

10 Abandoned Luxury Hotels
Somewhat melancholy but interesting slide show of abandoned hotels around the world. 

25 Best Movies About Hollywood
From Sunset Boulevard to Get Shorty, 25 great films about the Hollywood experience.

The Town Where the World's Counterfeit Statues Are Made
Extraordinary slide show of images by Italian photographer Chiara Gola of Dongcheng, a sculptor's village in China that specializes in carving replicas of famous statues by Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Rodin and more. 

100 Years of Rock, Visualized
Really clever diagram that charts the history of rock music — click on each variation to hear a sample of that genre.

Megan's Morning Glory Oatmeal
Cookie and Kate shares a great variation on the traditional morning bowl of oatmeal — this one adds carrots, raisins, spices, coconut, walnuts and orange zest among other ingredients, making for a bright and interesting version to start your day.

(photo: arc table by molteni)
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