Monday, August 25, 2014

Mid Century Tropical

The vibrantly coloured São Paulo home of Brazilian architect Maurício Arruda and José Porto is a mid century gem — hardly touched since it was built, its well preserved state has merely been updated with richly coloured walls that are cleverly mixed with touch of grey — cheerful during the day, they become soft and mellow in the evenings. Furnished with mid century finds, art collected in their travels and gifts from their many friends from all over the world, it's a bright and cosmopolitan space, perfectly suited to an outgoing couple who love to entertain. Wonderful. More here at AD España.

(photography by ricardo labougle)

1 comment :

Cassie Nafziger said...

In love with this post--the colors, the furniture, the wall decor--all of it :) This place is so me...too bad the husband doesn't enjoy the same style, lol. Although, he really lets me decorate any way that I want to and hasn't voiced a complaint yet! Maybe he wouldn't mind if I just went for it, lol.

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