Thursday, June 19, 2014

Sponsor Spotlight

For this month's Sponsor Spotlight, interior designer extraordinaire Jamie Herzlinger was kind enough to share her great suggestions on giving a room instant style with interesting flooring: 

"Many clients express to me that the goal is to create an amazing, jaw dropping environment for their house guests which is music to my ears! The easiest way to achieve this “wow” factor is with graphic flooring! There are so many patterns, materials and designs to work with, the possibilities are endless! I love anything from a simple black and white checkered pattern made out of marble to a Greek key pattern made of wool and silk, the main thing while designing your floors is to think outside the box. If you are designing a black and white checkered floor, think about scale, make the squares huge to make it even more bold! Or if you prefer a softer graphic, try designing with the same tone, play around with different finishes whether you are mixing matte and polished or mixing in different materials. Sketch out all your ideas until you find the one that makes your jaw drop."

English antique dealer and illustrator Linda shares the wonderful finds she makes on her travels around Europe on her lovely vintage shop After Antoinette — and her latest expedition to France has yielded some wonderful and one of a kind objects, such as this 1920's/1930's French Vichy-√Čtat Pastilles Tin. And to make it even nicer, Linda is offering 15% off all purchases for automatism readers — just use the code 'AUTOMATISM' at checkout until June 30, 2014. Start shopping here.

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Unknown said...

Thankyou Lori, generous as ever x

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