Monday, March 10, 2014

Sponsored Post: Dasein Fragrance

A lovely email from Kellie of Los Angeles-based Dasein Fragrance the other day was my first introduction to their elegant line of unisex scents. The website alone is so beautiful that I was happy to try a sample of their newest fragrance, called WINTER. Made in small batches and hand blended, WINTER is built around notes of forest pine, blue spruce, black cardamom and French lavender. I loved the top notes of fresh pine and spruce, which then gradually melted away to bottom notes of lavender that (on me, anyway) had an intriguing rich sweetness reminiscent of vanilla. Wonderful. Start shopping here.

(photo by me on instagram)

1 comment :

L.P. said...

Oh, those fragrance notes sound right up my alley :)

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