Thursday, December 19, 2013

Sweetness and Light

Love the soft gold shimmer of these dishes — perfect for holiday entertaining.

(photo via tinekhome)


This week's links. Enjoy.

Top Christmas Installations of 2013
Wallpaper magazine rounds up the most spectacular Christmas installations from around the world, from Rei Kawakubo's Tweedledum and Tweedledee to the Rijksmuseum's hologram light tree by Droog.

Let It Snow: Behind the Scenes of It's A Wonderful Life
Have a look at these rare photos taken during the filming of Christmas classic It's A Wonderful Life. Fun fact: movie sets in the 1940s used white-coated cornflakes for snow; the crunching was so loud underfoot that dialogue had to be overdubbed. (via the morning news)

Designer's Cookbook: Louise Fili
Legendary designer Louise Fili shares the moment of epiphany that set her on the path to becoming a designer, and a recipe for Pasta al cartoccio (Pasta Baked in Parchment), too.

Architectural Cabinets of Curiosities
Co.Design review of Wunderkammer, a wonderful new book by Todd Williams and Billie Tsien, who took the fascinating concept of personal curiosity cabinets and invited architects and designers from around the world to create one of their own for the book.

The Inventor of Karaoke
Fascinating article about how Daisuke Inoue, an underemployed Japanese drummer, invented karaoke — all the way back in 1968.

Magnificent McQueen
W magazine has a great mood board feature on their site where you can check out photos of various designers, such as this one for Alexander McQueen. Lovely way to take a little fashion inspiration break.

A Century Later, a Female Architect Gets Her Due
Louise Bethune, the first woman to work as a professional architect in the USA, was honoured this week with a memorial grave marker. An overdue tribute to a pioneer.

Christmas Recipes From Around the World
Looking to add a little international flavour to your Christmas menu? Have a look at this collection of sweet and savoury holiday recipes from Saveur, ranging from Bûche de Noël to Viennese Christmas Goose.

(photo by suvi viitanen)

Handmade Holidays

Feeling crafty? This pretty twisted felt garland is the perfect way to while away a cold December afternoon — and you can adapt it to make bracelets and necklaces for holiday wear, too (great for stocking stuffers). Tutorial over here at Purl Bee.

(photo via purl bee)
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