Thursday, November 14, 2013

Sweetness and Light

A delicately lovely botanical portrait of reindeer, or selaginella plana, by what i see when i run.

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This week's links. Enjoy.

I'm very excited to share an interview I recently did with Rise Art, a London-based art lending and selling company that works with such galleries as The Tate and The Serpentine — I chat with them about being a collage illustrator and design blogger.

Wes Anderson for Prada
Check out Castello Cavalcanti, the latest film by Wes Anderson — a 7 minute short for Prada starring Jason Schwartzman as an out of luck race car driver who gets stranded in his family's ancestral hometown.

The Absence of Water
Love this haunting series of abandoned Victorian swimming pools by photographer Gigi Cifali — melancholy and beautiful architectural portraits. Via Architectural Digest.

The Flicks of My Trade
Make-up artist Lauren Oakey writes a sweet ode to her trademark look — classic black eyeliner with a little flicked tail, inspired by actress Anna Karina in the French New Wave film Une femme est une femme.

Much Loved
Watching his son Calum at play one day, Irish photographer Marx Nixon was struck by the love a child has for a cherished toy — and so a photo project was born. His book Much Loved is a heartrendingly sweet series of portraits of well loved stuffed toys — worn and falling apart, they bear silent witness to the love they inspired in children. Follow the link for a slide show of highlights from the book.

Top Ten Books About Servants
Historian Lucy Lethbridge, author of Servants: A Downstairs View of 20th Century Britain, picks ten favourite books about and by servants (some factual, some fictional) on domestic life in Britain.

Who Was the Original Miss Dior?
You may know the perfume, but do you know the woman? On the eve of Dior's exhibition in Paris celebrating the classic scent, a look at the adventurous and inspiring life of Catherine Dior, the face behind the fragrance.

Pumpkin Chickpea Curry
Hearty, healthy and warming, this seasonal curry is perfect for cool November evenings.

(photo by line klein)


Love this look from the Soyer 2011 collection — the chunky sweater and slim long skirt is such a gorgeous cold weather combination.
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