Monday, October 28, 2013


Today's Monday post is also the start of a week devoted to all things mysterious and atmospheric, in honour of that most eerie of holidays, Hallowe'en. Enjoy.

(photo by billy coleman for ad españa. via the sunday nook)

Goth Glamour

After going through a separation, photographer Hannah Lemholt needed somewhere to stay — and the perfect solution was a serene small 1700s croft on her parents' land in northwest Skåne. It was exactly what Hannah needed. Surrounded by fields and peace, she gradually began to heal, transforming her space into a studio as well as a home. Hannah, her mother and her sister painted the original walls with egg tempera, added black and white squares on the wood floors, and helped hang linen curtains in the beautiful old windows with their naturally undulating glass. Now busy with her photography career (she's also one of the four members of the creative group Love Warriors) Hannah works part time in Stockholm and travels a lot for work, but continues to return to her beautiful and quiet retreat. Love. More here on Residence.

(photography by sara svenningrud)
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