Friday, October 25, 2013


Happy weekend! Hope it's a lovely one. It's turning chilly and rainy here, so we'll be doing some cocooning over the next couple of days — movies and simmering suppers are on the horizon. How about you?

(photo via lonny magazine)

A Mad Man in Hollywood

Mad Men actor Vincent Kartheiser is definitely an independent type — unlike many actors who buy palatial dwellings when they make it in Hollywood, Vincent is more than content with the 580-square-foot cabin he purchased back in 2003. Success has meant that he was finally able to renovate the interior to his liking, a project he undertook with designer and builder Funn Roberts in 2010. Vincent wanted a "Japanese industrial" loft feel to his space, so the poky interior walls were removed and clever storage solutions were devised — most notably the bed, which hangs from the ceiling and can be hoisted up or down as needed. The headboard, a large redwood slab, then folds down and becomes a desk during the day. Furnished sparingly with mid century classics, it's a Mad Man's dream come true. More here on Dwell.

(photography by joe pugliese)


This is pretty genius — Edvaulay Munchkin, a t-shirt featuring a mashup of Edvard Munch's iconic painting The Scream with Macaulay Culkin's classic pose as the kid in Home Alone.

(t-shirt available from bottle of smoke. via another)

Hallowe'en's Coming ...

Next week there'll be a subtly mysterious atmosphere here on automatism, with posts inspired by Hallowe'en. Hope you enjoy it.

(photo via
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