Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Moments of Beauty

Love the elegant, architectural lines of the Aspen Tunic from the Soyer fall/winter 2013 collection — perfect.

(via soyer)

Country Glamour

Fashion designer Nuno Benito sees no reason why a country home should be rustic simply because of its location — his modern vacation home is a definite contrast to the surrounding Portuguese countryside of Alentejo. Vivid and full of personality, it's a warm and welcoming place to be whether you're outside or in.

(photography by montse garriga for elle decor spain. via sukio)

Sponsor Spotlight

Good news for American fans of the lovely Canadian shop Black Rooster Decor — many of their products are now shipping FREE within the USA! Now it's even easier to add a little glam style to your space — such as this wonderfully sculptural Pentagonal Table/Stool, which is not only gorgeous, but versatile, too. And shipping is still free to Ontario residents!

Tinder is having a Spring Shipping Special this month, with a flat rate for all orders — $10.00 for Canada and $15.00 for the USA! A perfect time to stock up on their lovely, often hand crafted items for household, kitchen, outdoors — and stationery, too. For a limited time only, though! Start shopping at Tinder here.

Looking for a little sophisticated inspiration for your home? Have a look at this recent project by Jamie Herzlinger Interiors — a Scottsdale, Arizona home featured in the latest issue of Traditional Home magazine! Read all about how Jamie worked with owners Rick and Peggy Federico to create the highly personal home they love. And you too can benefit from Jamie Herzlinger's experience with JH ONLINE, her online design service that gives you access to a nationally renowned interior design firm at your fingertips — warm, courteous and professional interior design service is just a click away!

Add classic mid 20th century style to your space with the stunning Womb Chair, a high quality reproduction from Rove Concepts. Available in either Classic Boucle Wool or Premium Cashmere Wool from Denmark, the entire chair is hand stitched around a synthetic 'dimension true' curvature shell poised on a high quality aluminum base in a chip and flake resistant satin finish. This quality piece will give you years of stylishly comfortable seating, as well as instantly becoming the focus of any room! Have a look at your many Womb Chair options here.

Pam of the lovely Etsy shop Bates Mercantile Co cordially invites you to visit the related blog — Mercantile Muse. Here you'll find her blogging regularly about graphic and interior design, nature, food and recipes, photography, inspiration, the handcrafted movement, art, artist interviews, and more. Take a break from your busy day and drop by for a visit!
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