Monday, June 03, 2013


Just a small reminder to take a moment for yourself today. Have a good one.

P.S. I'm getting over a rather nasty migraine at the moment, so my other Monday posts will be up a little later than usual today. Thanks for your patience!

(photo via trettien {31})

Creative Space


An apartment in Madrid is an inventive mix of old and new — offbeat objects (there's a few skulls casually displayed here and there), flea market finds (such as the entrance way seating, originally from an old outdoor cinema), modern furniture, a well stocked personal library, antique maps and contemporary art all add up to a creative living and working space that's fun to just hang out in, too. More here on Nuevo Estilo.

The Listening Booth

Welcome to The Listening Booth, a regular series of posts that features a guest musician, DJ or music devotee sharing their current three favourite songs with automatism readers. Today's Listening Booth is hosted by the brilliantly talented and lovely DJ Rachel Thera. Enjoy.

About Rachel
Hailing from Ottawa, Canada, Rachel DJs around town under her creative nom de plume, Lamb Rabbit. Last year she founded a lady-DJ collective called The Girlfriends. This year she plans to master the guitar and start a soft psych band. Next year she plans on subsisting exclusively off of fancy grilled cheese sandwiches. 
You can find some of Rachel's mixes here

If you're in Ottawa, Rachel will be playing records at the Manx the evening of Monday, June 10th 2013. She's also guest DJing on June 13th 2013 at the Open Air Social Club across from the Parliament buildings with the Girlfriends, the fab all-female DJ collective.

Rachel's Three Picks  

For these three picks I worked on a bit of a theme: a few French favourites from the late '60s to mid '70s that were inspired by (but not covers of) the Beatles.

Jacqueline Taïeb - 7 heures du matin
Yé-yé at its finest. She longs for Paul McCartney to, um... help her. With her English homework? Debatable. Either way, this is one of those songs that gets perma-caught in your brain. The My Generation riff from The Who works beyond perfectly, too.

Léonie - Lennon
 A dreamlike, meandering tribute to John Lennon from a breathy chanteuse.

Warlus - Good Night the Day
Jingly, jangly, fuzzy melancholy beauty. This is the last track on the album Songs, an obscure French soft psych record by the group Warlus (named — you've probably guessed it — after their love of the Beatles' I am the Walrus. Most of the album was recorded in 1975, in an old theater over the course of two nights while the manager was away on a ski vacation. It was privately released in 1977, in a scant edition of only 200 copies. These days, it's been re-pressed and is luckily a little more available to us all.
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