Thursday, May 02, 2013

Sweetness and Light

Kate Moss photographed by Ellen von Unwerth for Vogue, 1995.

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This week's links. Enjoy.

How to Procrastinate, Kafka-Style
Reading this, I'm amazed Kafka managed to get anything done, let alone write novels and short stories. Heartening, though, if you have a tendency towards procrastination.

Ten Odd Buildings as Restaurants
Great slide show of British restaurants with unusual origins, ranging from a prison, a library — even Victorian loos! Novelty factor aside, it's wonderful that these once neglected spaces are being repurposed and appreciated again. Incidentally the slide show just shows 7 — read the article here for descriptions of the full 10.

Are Your Shoes Telling Lies?
Rebecca Willis ponders the current fashion for trainers (running shoes) with hidden heels and finds it all a little dubious.

Suspended Coffee
Love this idea, though wish it was inspired for happier reasons. Europe’s economic crisis re-inspires a century-old tradition of “suspended coffee” — buying a stranger coffee with your order. (via the morning news)

30x30 Nature Challenge
Feeling a bit desk bound? The David Suzuki Foundation's 30x30 Nature Challenge is the perfect way to get away from your email — joining up commits you to spending at least 30 minutes a day outside in nature for 30 days in May. Follow the link to get started!

Top Ten Books About Cities
Writer Leo Hollis picks his 10 favourite books about city life, from ancient Rome to modern Manhattan.

Photos of What Famous Musicians Eat Backstage
Beautifully styled atmospheric photos by Henry Hargreave of the (mostly) culinary backstage demands of Frank Sinatra, Mariah Carey, Prince, Beyoncé, Al Green, Foo Fighters and more.

Tanaka Face Self Massage
I like the idea of aging gracefully and naturally — but at the same time I do love to pamper my skin, too. So this YouTube video tutorial on how to give yourself a Tanaka facial massage is to me ideal — not only does it gently tone up the facial muscles, but it's a soothing and relaxing 10 minute ritual, too.

Seasonal Stovetop Eggs
Lovely spring breakfast or brunch by Lily of fried eggs, asparagus and broccoli with a little lemon zest grated on top — served with a side of green pesto. Gorgeous photography, incidentally.

(photo by sharyn cairns)


I'm smitten with this beautiful conceptual work by artist Soekmin Ko — elegant, slightly mysterious and lovely.

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