Thursday, April 25, 2013

Sweetness and Light

A lovely still life styled by Anna Gillar, to add a little inspiration to your Thursday.

(photo by kristofer johnsson. via pinterest)


This week's links. Enjoy.

Moominland Tales: The Life of Tove Jansson
Lovely documentary about the life of Finnish artist and writer Tove Jansson. I adored her books as a child — and still do. 

George Sand's Omelette for Victor Hugo
I love reading vintage recipes — and this one detailing the elaborate omelette that writer George Sand prepared and sent to fellow writer Victor Hugo is extraordinary.

Leading Men Age, While Their Love Interests Don't
Vulture recently analyzed the data of ten middle-aged leading men and the ages of the women they've wooed onscreen and put it together in a chart — all for fun, but it does raise a serious point about how women are still disappearing from the screen once they hit a certain age.

A Coffee Geek's Guide to the Best Coffee in Paris
Sitting in a Paris cafĂ© watching the world go by is always wonderful — and if you're also serious about your coffee, here's a guide to the best spots for great java, too. 

The Cosmic Menagerie
Fascinating New Yorker article by Laura Miller that explores what the first fictional aliens looked like — such as Voltaire's suave Saturnian from his satirical 1752 story, MicromĂ©gas, who looks like an earthling, except that he’s six thousand feet tall.

Make Your Twitter Feed Instantly Happier
Tired of the doom and gloom that erupts on Twitter now and then? Fight internet fatigue with newborn lambs! Follow @herdyshepherd1, a real shepherd of the Lake District, England, who tweets while he herds. Lovely.

Five Great Things Libraries Are Doing With Old Books
Library Journal checks out five innovative ways that libraries are disposing of obsolete titles.

Spring Vegetarian Recipes
Saveur has a lovely round up of 60 veggie-friendly spring-themed dishes that will have you heading off to the farmer's market for asparagus, artichoke, fava beans, mushrooms and more. Lovely after a long winter.

(photo by an-magritt)


I'm smitten with this completely over the top palm tree floor lamp — just wonderful.

(photo from modern furniture via this is glamorous)
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