Thursday, April 04, 2013

Sweetness and Light

A perfect spot to curl up and while away a quiet afternoon with a book, tea or a movie.

(photo by kara rosenlund)


This week's links. Enjoy.

My Mother Audrey Hepburn
Audrey Hepburn’s son Luca Dotti reflects on the time his mother spent in Rome as he prepares for the publication of his new book Audrey in Rome, a collection of some 2,500 photos of Audrey in the Eternal City, collected by Dotti from the archives of the Reporters Associati. This sounds like a wonderful book.

Pen and Ink
Interesting Tumblr featuring beautiful drawings of tattoos and the stories behind them. Highly recommended.

Vogue's Pregnancy Survival Guide: The Beauty Edition
Useful suggestions for anyone (expecting or otherwise) looking for high end beauty products that are both luxurious to use and free of parabens and other dodgy additives.

A Brief History of Applause
Great long read on the history of hand clapping. From The Atlantic article by Megan Garber: "When we applaud a performer," argues the sociobiologist Desmond Morris, "we are, in effect, patting him on the back from a distance." We applaud dutifully. We applaud politely. We applaud, in the best of circumstances, enthusiastically. We applaud, in the worst, ironically."

Nap Time Retreats
Feeling stressed out? This Pinterest round up of favourite beautiful and relaxing spaces over at ArchDaily will have you in a chill mood in no time.

Paris Via Time Machine
Fascinating gallery featuring images from the early 1900's of Paris streets, contrasted with photos taken in 2013. Mesmerizing. Via The Paris Review. 

Trusty Steeds
Fun chart of famous horses in history, from Alexander the Great's Bucephalus to Queen Elizabeth II's Sanction, with whom she claimed to have an "almost telepathic connection."

Potato Gratin
I made this version of the classic gratin dauphinois for Easter brunch on the weekend and it was a huge hit (and easy to make, too). Wonderful and highly recommended! Via Saveur.

(photo by joseph de leo)


I'm smitten with these lovely sculptural wooden stools from Anthropologie — great mid century modern vibe. Sadly they're no longer available, but I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for something similar.

(photo via anthropologie by way of pinterest)
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