Thursday, March 07, 2013

Sweetness and Light

An idyllic summer photo by Canadian photographer Michael Graydon, to keep you in good heart during these last few days of winter. Soon!


This week's links. Enjoy.

Long Live Illustrated Books
Lovely tribute over at Print magazine to book illustration, inspired by a recent post by Sam Sacks on the New Yorker site called Bring Back the Illustrated Book! Couldn't agree more.

Nature's Most Intense Natural Colour
Pollia condensata, a wild plant that grows in the forests of Ethiopia, Mozambique, Tanzania and other African countries, retains its vibrant blue color for years or even decades after it's been picked. But — scientists have recently discovered it actually has no pigment. Fascinating look into the science of colour.

Shinsuke Kawahara's Whimsical Paris Apartment
Take a tour of Japanese designer Shinsuke Kawahara's fascinating Paris home, filled with colour, curious found objects, prints and art. A very personal and creative space.

Virginia Woolf on How to Read a Book
Timeless advice from Virginia Woolf on becoming a good reader — wonderful and inspiring.

The Story of a Modest Masterpiece
Hard to believe, but the wonderful film Local Hero turns 30 this month. In celebration, More Intelligent Life has reprinted this article from five years ago of Jasper Rees talking to those who made the film. Time to watch it again, I think.

Speedy Beethoven
Radiolab investigates whether Beethoven wanted his music performed at a much faster speed than what modern listeners are familiar with. Interesting thought.

Medieval Cuisine Rediscovered
The Times Literary Supplement reviews two new books (and briskly dismisses some tired stereotypes) about medieval cooking in England — Cooking and Dining in Medieval England by Peter Brears and The Medieval Kitchen: A Social History With Recipes by Hannel Klemettilä. I'm definitely adding these to the book list.

Toasted Fennel and Orange Morning Cakes
Another exquisitely photographed and delicious recipe from Roost — and a great incentive to get out of bed on a grey March morning, too.

(photo by annaleenas hem via feel inspired)
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