Friday, January 18, 2013


Happy weekend! Hope it's a relaxed and lovely one. The weather promises to be bitterly cold here, so we'll be curling up indoors and keeping warm while catching up on a movie or two. How about you?

(sweet photo by paul costello)

Cool and Elegant

I am in awe of the sheer beauty of the Parisian apartment of designers Gilles & Boissier — love their confident mix of antique, modern and flea market pieces, set against rich swirls of stucco decorating the walls and ceiling. A minimalist palette of black, dark brown and white allows the eye to really take in each object placed in the space — the effect is like a sculpture gallery, but a comfortably liveable one. Beautiful. More here on Afflante.


A staircase salvaged in 1989 from the Eiffel Tower and relocated to Center of the World, Felicity, California now mysteriously leads to nowhere. More staircases going nowhere here on gizmodo.

(photo by mike towber. via swiss miss)
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