Friday, January 04, 2013


Happy weekend! Hope it's a lovely one. It's going to be a busy working one here, but as it's also very cold it's a good excuse to do a little hibernating, supper simmering quietly in the kitchen. How about you?

(photo by lara cameron of ink and spindle. via pinterest)

Stylishly Small

Love this bright small apartment in Malmö, found on the Bolaget real estate site — fantastic monochromatic style. Unsurprisingly it's since been sold, but you can still see more photos here. From Bolaget via Husligheter.


Victorian photo portraits tend to be quite formal and serious, so it's lovely to see they had a sense of fun back then, too — the headless novelty portrait, created in those pre-Photoshop days by combining negatives and then printing the result, was apparently very popular. More photos here.

(from pictures in time via boing boing)
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