Friday, November 29, 2013

Tuscany Paradise

Discovered totally abandoned, this ancient villa near the town of Prato in Tuscany was perfect as far as professional couple Paolo and Alessia were concerned — surrounded by a spectacular landscape, it was the perfect place to raise their three children. Leaving the outer shell as untouched as possible, they worked with b-arch architects on opening up the inside space to add natural light and restoring the original stone floors, beamed ceilings, and whitewashed walls. The decor is an interesting mix of classical and modern art, furniture from all over the world, textiles and an Art Deco collection — perfect for such an interesting space. More here on Nuevo Estilo.


Fiona Richards said...

Fantastic! I'd love to do this, wouldn't you? Just pack up and off to Italy. Next chapter maybe!

PS - love what you find to post :-)

automatism said...

Isn't it amazing, Fiona? And thanks so much for your sweet comment, too!


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